Marketing on Steroids – Leveraging Macros (Part 2)


In my last blog post, I talked about leveraging macros for your marketing.

Now macros are anything that you don’t really have control over… but acts in your favor.

Culture, environment, habits…

Remember I talked about selling water in a dessert ? Well.. in this case, if you want to put macros into perspective… it’s like selling Ice cool lemonade in a hot sunny day. Obviously, people are going to buy from you without much “persuasion”.

So… you now know the “hot weather” macros plays an important part of your “lemonade” business. The next logical thing to do is… where to find “traffic”… traffic that “feels” that heat and needs that ice cold lemonade from you.

Think about this… where would people go on a hot sunny day ?

The beach ?

Great answer… but lets be a little more strategic… because, a beach can stretch for kilometers. So.. a more sensible way will be to place your lemonade stand near areas where people are doing or are done with strenuous activities. ie, just right outside the bicycle rental stall etc.

Then again, I am pretty lazy and I want to gobble more traffic to myself.

If I were doing a part time lemonade business, I would set them up at Rucker Park during games. Think about this… hot sweaty crowds enjoying a game of basketball… under a hot sunny day…. a $1 ice cold lemonade… can you see where I am coming from ?

Easily, $500 to $1000 in just 3 hrs selling lemonades…

That’s leveraging macros with a strategic sales / marketing plan.

How about the Internet ?

Can you leverage Macros to help you build up your business ?

The Internet is a medium… so, one of the easiest macros to leverage on is habits.

Why do people visit Amazon ?

Why do people visit Ebay ?

Millions of people are visiting these sites everyday to buy stuffs. Can you leverage these buying habits of your target audience visiting these sites by listing your products over there ?

You bet !

How about culture ? Technology ? Country economics ?

When it comes to Info-marketing, the US is ahead of Singapore… and Singapore is ahead of Malaysia and Malaysia is ahead of Vietnam. Depending on the country’s infrastructure… what is working in the US today is going to work very well in Singapore 1 year down the road. What has worked in Singapore, is going to work very well in Malaysia in the next 2 years, followed by Vietnam etc.

You see, I used to use the Internet to do lead generation for a seminar company.

It used cost me just $0.40 – $0.60 to put a seat into the seminar room in Singapore. As the time progresses, the cost per lead gets higher, sometimes going as high as $3 or even $5.

Then again, when we expand to Malaysia a year later, it still only cost me $0.20 to put a seat into the seminar room. You see, while the cost of getting leads in Singapore has gone up, Malaysia is still relatively new to those kind of technology and getting in early has allowed me to get some pretty cheap traffic and leads.

Of course, you can’t do the same now because the technology has already caught up and more people are competing with you on the same space… but if you were to do that in Vietnam, I am sure the results will be amazing.

Think about this, when smart phones first came about, the US are probably the first to test them.. followed by my country Singapore. Not that there are no users in Malaysia… its just that the “volume” may not be that of the states as well as Singapore. But give it a year or two, now that more people are equipped with Smart mobile… and you can then reach these untapped market like never before.

Now… add in a little human psychology… if something is new, what do you think the behavioral habits will be ?

Its a natural progression… on Macros.

Take advantage of it… and you’ll get some really good results for your campaigns.

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