How To Spy Facebook Ads For Free

Want to know how you can spy on your competitor’s Facebook ads and find out exactly how they are targeting ?

Here’s a cheap a relatively free way to do it…

1) In any ad, Desktop or even Mobile, you will see a drop down button on the top right hand corner.

2) Click on it and it will drop down a list of options for you to choose from:

3) Select “Why am I seeing this ad”

4) Facebook will bring out a sample of why this ad is showing.

Let me show you a sample:




The same applies for any right hand side ads.

You can do the same step if the ads shown are using Facebook’sĀ  own ad platform:

For example:




You get my point.

With this method, sometimes you can dig into what your competitors are thinking and how they re targeting.

The data isn’t a lot and while it is also said that you need to like a lot of pages to get this to work.. but because most people are using OCPM in their targeting, it seems like Facebook does categorize you into a certain targeting category, thus… sometimes, you may be able to find out new targets or ideas you never thought of before.

Yes, I’ve personally seen it… and I might be using that targeting to test its effectiveness.

So.. that’s it, a Free and relatively easy way to spy on the targeting your competitors are doing in Facebook.

Go test it out and let me know what you think =)

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